1D Glasses

Earlier today I posted to Twitter & Facebook "3D movies are too commonplace. If you really want to pique my curiosity, try 1D. As they say, less is more!" A friend of mine shared a link to a DIY 2D glasses project. It's a template to print, cut and paste together for glasses that only have one eye hole, thus eliminating depth perception, thus locking you in the world of 2D. I thought it was funny.

The 2D glasses inspired me to create my own template for 1D glasses. Enjoy!

1D Glasses: Because Less Is More!

If you'd like, you can see the project that inspired this for yourself, but be warned: its name is a touch on the crude side. You have been warned. Really. I'm not responsible for you being offended. Okay? Okay.

The DIY 2D Glasses Project that inspired me. Also here. Also here. Finally here.

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