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House For Sale

Are you sad in your current living space? Does it feel "wrong" some how? Don't fret! Buy my house! My old house, that is. That's right, this is Casa de Robison v1.0, a home for sale in beautiful Hooper, Utah, approximately 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City:

Casa de Robison v1.0

Also known by some as Casa de Robison Classic, or Casa de Robison The Original Series, or even Casa de Robison The Motion Picture. Buy my house and I will personally reimburse you dollar for dollar in Monopoly money! Pay $275,000 in US currency, and I'll give you $275,000 in Monopoly money! Pay $300,000 or more and I'll give you two Monopoly dollars for every US dollar you spend! At $500,000 or more, the ratio is 4:1! At $1,000,000 or more, 8:1! If you pay me $2,000,000 or more, I'm sure I can sweeten the deal even more!

Note: The preceding offer is void where prohibited. Seller reserves the right to substitute other currency, either fictional or real, for Monopoly money in the result anyone actually tries to take him up on said offer. The final currency selected will be left entirely to the discretion of the seller.

Note: Contrary to the claims at the linked page, the house is not under construction! It has been completed and lived in since September 2008. So these pictures are not mere artists renditions of the beautiful space you could own, no sirree bob! These are actual pictures of an actual house that you could actually buy!

Note: If you really want the 10' by 6' utility trailer too (as shown in the driveway in the original pictures when this article was posted), make an offer on it! All serious offers welcome, despite the apparent lack of seriosity in this article!

As my cousin-in-law Anna Beraz Miller wrote elsewhere on Facebook: "Why buy [a] tiny closet of a house when you can buy one with 7 times more space for just over half the price!" Or call your agent, buy my 3,691 sq ft house, subdivide it into 7 other properties averaging 527 sq ft each (almost 10% larger than the tiny closet of a house) and sell them for $449,000 each and make yourself a cool $2.8 million profit!

A tiny little closet of a house for sale in the Los Angeles, California, area, from an article posted at

Note: The preceding should not be construed as financial, investment, or accounting advice. I am a computer programmer and (occasional) talk radio host. While this does mean I am all knowing, my lawyers get nervous when I actually claim to be all knowing.

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