Thu 17 Oct 2013 @ 12:49 PM


My Thoughts on Republicans vs Democrats

From a post I made to Facebook:

Having been debating the economy and government stand off a lot lately with multiple people, all of whom seem to believe I am just a shill for Republicans, allow me to clear up any misunderstandings as to exactly what I believe about the two dominant political parties in this country:

I prefer the Republican platform to the Democrat platform. I wish more Republicans actually behaved as they claim to behave. Therefore I think the Republican alternative to Democrats is just slightly better for the US. Not a lot. With Bush, we were speeding toward the cliff at 90% of maximum velocity. With Obama, we've accelerated to 100%.

I'm not saying anyone in particular is deliberately trying to ruin the country. I'm saying that I believe Democrat policies are worse for the US than Republican policies. I believe history demonstrates that to be true in many cases. You may choose to disagree.

I do prefer Republicans to Democrats. That's a lot like saying I prefer one form of cancer over another. I don't like cancer at all, but if I researched it and figured out one form that would give me a better chance of survival over another, and I had to pick one with which to plague myself, I would be able to do so.

This explains my preference for Republicans over Democrats. It also explains why I've voted for very few Republicans over the last five election cycles (only one comes to mind, in fact). I've voted third party far more than I've voted Republican in every election from 2004 on.

If you want to fault me for that preference, go right ahead. I don't feel great about it myself, though I'd feel worse supporting Democrat policies.

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