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Pudding and Mouse

My wife shared with me a link to Amazon for a silicone petite loaf baking pan in which she was interested.

Product listing for a silicone petite loaf pan.

The most notable part is the brief description text to the right of the product picture:

Product description text.

Please note: "Can also be used for cold treats like pudding, *mouse*, or infused ice-cubes".

Yes, someone made a typo. Clearly they meant to type mousse, a light and airy type of food, often a dessert. Instead they typed mouse. Not quite the same thing. I was inspired to write a review of the product. You can read the review on the page in question (look for a review by Scott Robison "SDR"). If you think it is funny, feel free to let Amazon know it was helpful to you or by commenting.

If you don't want to go in search of it, here is the review I submitted:

***** I am now a believer!, December 27, 2013

When I read that this mini loaf pan was also ideal for cold treats such as pudding and mouse, I had my doubts. My apologies to the writer of the description text! This mini loaf pan prepares mouse like you would not believe! Typically the only food type mouse I've heard about is the kind at the bottom of a bottle of soda pop or the kind that you find mixed in among pieces of deep fried chicken. Those are gross. This mini loaf pan, on the other hand, allows the mouse to be cooked to perfection!

A helpful hint. When making a purchase at a pet store, don't tell them what you plan to do with the mice. For some reason, feeding them to a snake is okay, but planning on consuming them yourself makes you "weird" or "disgusting". Just lie and save yourself a ton of grief.

In any case, I cannot recommend this mini loaf pan highly enough!

Oh, and it also prepares more traditional baked goods perfectly well, though why would you want to when you can have a perfectly prepared mouse instead?

I hope it amuses you half as much as it did my wife, who is now recovering in the hospital from an asthma attack due to excessive laughter. ;)

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