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I contacted BYU Idaho to ask some questions and was given another option: I could apply directly and shave a year off my degree. Unfortunately it would be at the normal $160/credit vs the Pathway $68/credit.

I checked with the financial aid office to see if there was any way to get the $68/credit cost without using Pathway. As expected, the answer was no.

I then spoke with the admissions office to see if there was any way to take non-Pathway classes at the same time I'm doing Pathway. As it turns out, they're introducing "Accelerated Pathway" (I think that was the name) this fall. If I understand / remember the description correctly, you take one semester of Pathway, at which point you can apply to BYU-I and take other classes at the same tuition rate as Pathway.

Also, the software engineering degree may permit certain classes to be waived based on work experience. I'm waiting to hear back from someone else for details on that.

Note: This was posted on my Facebook wall. Authorship is uncertain as Facebook account data downloads don't provide that information. Context is lacking. Included for historical purposes.

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