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Tweet 6178

@angelaisms Care? Yes. Is her speech anywhere in my top 100 reasons to be #NeverTrump? Probably not.

Tweet 6177

Yay! I get to go see a movie and walk in late!

Tweet 6176

Make America Great Again: Reject @realDonaldTrump

Tweet 6175

@angelaisms I was not monitoring live, was in my car, heard that part played back during a Fox News Radio update. Could not believe it.

Tweet 6174

@AuntMarvel Brilliant!

Tweet 6173

@tenegirl @angelaisms I'm waiting for Trump's acceptance speech, hoping something my happen to prevent it. Afterward, I'll be there w/you.

Tweet 6172

@RadioFreeTom Some Democrats would just like some Republicans will.

Tweet 6171

I was hoping Trump might spontaneously combust before his acceptance speech, but today's GOP would run the pile of ash as their candidate.

Tweet 6170

@RandyTayler Try giving that prayer at church some time and see what reaction you get. #psychologicalresearch

Tweet 6169

@RandyTayler I'm still hoping for spontaneous combustion just before he begins his acceptance speech. Or another more effective revolt.