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Tweet 6188

Now that @MarsCuriosity has the ability to decide autonomously when to fire its laser, it should be renamed to @MarsHanSolo.

Tweet 6187

@wilw Perhaps someone should define "bit part" for those who don't comprehend the term. We don't have to agree with people to be respectful.

Tweet 6186

@angelaisms Of course G.W. is ashamed. He didn't attend. Neither did G.H.W. ;)

Tweet 6185

It is done. For the 1st time in my life, my political party is no longer Republican. Unaffiliated it is (for now). #NeverTrump #NeverHillary

Tweet 6184

Nicorette gum is available in Fruit Chill, White Ice Mint and Cinnamon Surge. Why not Cigarette flavor?

Tweet 6183

#RNCinCLE is over & @realDonaldTrump has accepted the nomination. Just one question: Where is the line to resign from the GOP? #NeverTrump

Tweet 6182

Augmented reality game concept: Ghostbusters Go.

Tweet 6181

Star Trek Beyond was great. My favorite out of the last three. 3.5 stars.

Tweet 6180

Star Trek Beyond in a few minutes. #pleasedontsuck

Tweet 6179

I'm sad. I can no longer proclaim something as dumbest thing ever thanks to GOP nomination of @realDonaldTrump. King of dumbest things ever.