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How Health Insurance Drives Up Health Care Costs

This is a comment I posted to a Facebook thread after someone stated that the high cost of health care is not the fault of health insurance providers.

It is insurance fault (at least indirectly and in part). As I understand it, in the 1940s, due to wage controls in …

Evil Rich Corporations and Poverty Stricken Employees

I've seen a couple of comments on Twitter in the last day or two regarding just how many BILLIONS of dollars in profit are made by large mega-corporations and just how little money their employees earn. Many of these employees earn so little that they're eligible for various forms of …

My Thoughts on Republicans vs Democrats

From a post I made to Facebook:

Having been debating the economy and government stand off a lot lately with multiple people, all of whom seem to believe I am just a shill for Republicans, allow me to clear up any misunderstandings as to exactly what I believe about the … Experience: Update 2

Note: This is really less of a comment on my direct experience with and more commentary on the insurance options available.

After entering all the numbers from the available health insurance exchange plans into a spreadsheet, it's still somewhat hard to compare them. In addition to premium amount … Experience: Update 1

After being unable to verify my account yesterday due to the site being down, I tried again at about 3pm on 12 Oct. It took several minutes for the website to finally tell me that I waited too long between applying for coverage and verifying the account via … Experience

This post is to log information about my experience trying to use the federal website which serves as Utah's health insurance exchange site.

Note: I do not need to use the marketplace at this time, as my family has insurance benefits through both my and my wife's employers …

Word Frequency

After using the word "rejoinder" in a comment on Facebook, I thought to myself "that can't be a very frequently used word". I found a website that allows you to see frequency of use of words from the Google Books project.

It allows you to graph the frequency of words …

Messing with Scammers

You may have heard about the supposed "Microsoft Security" or "Microsoft Support" unsolicited scam phone calls that have become all the rage recently. I've received at least five of these calls over the last year that actually connected to a person on the other end. Even more that were disconnected …

Deleting Windows Deep Directory Trees

Occasionally in the past I have tried copying a directory tree from one Windows based system to another. In the process, overly deep directory trees are created due to NTFS reparse points, which are like posix symbolic links but only apply to directories. By the time I realize what I've …

House For Sale

Are you sad in your current living space? Does it feel "wrong" some how? Don't fret! Buy my house! My old house, that is. That's right, this is Casa de Robison v1.0, a home for sale in beautiful Hooper, Utah, approximately 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City:

Casa de Robison v1.0

Also …