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I just realized that every Indian Microsoft scam call I've received has been placed by Kunal Nayyar from The Big Bang Theory!

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Was "Mormons" as a label for people originally used pejoratively? I'm trying to find a respectable source to confirm or refute the claim.

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You know what's fun? Spending a half hour debugging a script just to discover I misspelled a word. No logic problems, just a typo. #lesigh

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"I'm technically a vegan, but I do eat egg if it's in things" means "I'm too lazy to remove really *really* young chickens from my food".

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I did make it to church for the first time today since my eye troubles began back in July. So there's that.

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Have I really reached the point in my life where a fiber supplement is a necessity?

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Stupid cloud cover preventing me from watching ISS race across the sky! My taxes are part of billions spent on it, this is my main benefit!

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@BruceEschler @RandyTayler That's just silly. You can't use a video game controller to get a weekend do-over! You obviously need a DeLorean.

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More commentary on what I've learned via // Less about website, more about insurance.

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Forbes article on problems: // The website DDOS attacked itself due to design issues.