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Since the government can't file bankruptcy, let's borrow $50K each & send it to govt to pay down debt. Then *we* file bankruptcy. #foolproof

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Flyer promoting a fun run brings to mind Back to the Future 3, when the saloon guys laughed at claim that future people would run for fun.

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"COMMENT AND FILL IN THE BLANK: HILARY CLINTON WOULD BE A (blank) PRESIDENT!" Unelected? Imaginary? Lousy? What are they looking for?!?

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@EricDSnider "Klondike Bar?" Love this! I'm sure I'll steal it later after forgetting you used it already.

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They've made a #Chuck movie! "Chuck & Buck" is on Pivot right now. Recording it for later. Hope it's better than that "Chuck & Larry" crap.

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MT @EricDSnider Klondike bar? // RT @msnbcDocs: Don't miss our doc "Scenes of a Crime." Why would a man confess to a crime he didn't commit?

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@EricDSnider @Bandgor How about Mike Meyers playing I in So I Married An Axe Murderer? Experience: Update 1

After being unable to verify my account yesterday due to the site being down, I tried again at about 3pm on 12 Oct. It took several minutes for the website to finally tell me that I waited too long between applying for coverage and verifying the account via …

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I made more progress today with Update 1:

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Another problem. In the list of races, White is provided as an option, but not Liquid Paper White for my wife.